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Finding A Year-Round Rental In The Hamptons

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While most consider renting in the Hamptons a purely summer activity, there's a growing number of people that choose to do so year-round. Unfortunately, finding a suitable space to call home out here is much more difficult than doing so in a major city. The problem is twofold: 1) There's just not much inventory in the area to begin with. 2) Many of the reasonably priced rentals are only available during the offseason. So, in the interest of providing a little assistance to the folks that don't head elsewhere once Tumbleweed Tuesday rolls around, we've compiled a guide to try and help out.

Friend Referrals: Much like finding an agent, the best way to go about finding a rear-round rental is by asking your friends/family/co-workers if they know of anything. Often times, those with a house or apartment would rather rent to someone that comes pre-approved. In fact, many people don't even publicly announce that they've got a place available and rely on word-of-mouth to spread the news.

The Local Papers: Dan's Papers, The East Hampton Star, The Independent, The Press...they've all got sections in their classifieds for rentals. A word to the wise: Best to pick these up and call potential landlords the day they're published. Since there's such a limited inventory, places listed in the papers tend to go quickly.

Bonac Rentals: Much like Bonac Yard Sale, this Facebook group was started by locals hoping to make finding things a little easier?in this case, housing. Members either post what they're looking for or what they've got available. You've need to send a request (and get approved) before you can post, but you can see what everyone else is talking about.

Craigslist: Ah, good ol' craigslist. While it's not nearly as popular out here as it is in major cities, every once in a while a landlord (most likely in an effort to save money) will post an available aparment/house/room in the housing section. Using different keywords to search?"hamptons", "Sag Harbor", "Montauk"?usually yields the best results.