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Rookie Roosts Week Is Here; Horror Stories Still Welcome

Over the past month, you may have noticed that we've been dropping a few hints about an upcoming first-time homebuyers week. Well, Rookie Roosts Week is officially upon us. Much of our coverage during the next five days will be focused on everything you need to know about purchasing your first place. We'll be defining the brokerbabble, pointing out some "starter homes", introducing Curbed University and sharing a few stories from those who've decided to enter the world of mortgage payments.

And don't forget, if your buying experience turned out to be a cautionary tale, send your story to the tipline. We'll be publishing the best (or worst) of the bunch?anonymously?this Thursday then letting you all decide the victor via poll. The winning story will then go on to do battle with the top picks from the rest of the Curbed Universe. The winner of that contest gets a $2,500 gift card to the home store of their choice. So...let's have 'em.

*Standard contest rules apply.