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Reader Comments

The first official week of spring brought news of a couple of beer gardens, an old favorite reopening for the season, Surf Lodge finally seeing their day and court and host of other items that Curbed readers felt compelled to speak on. Here's just a few of the more memorable comments.

ZUM SCHNEIDER MTK IS A GO: "It won't be a shitshow of drunken partiers if the owners/operators take a stand against that and start thinking of guidelines now. Perhaps making Sundays a family-friendly day would be a good start, but maybe I'm thinking too far ahead - let's just get them out here and up & running and welcome them with open arms to Montauk and then see."

BEER GARDEN, YES. PLAYERS CLUB, NO: "Nononoooooo! Worst name ever. I pray the owners read this. That name will kill them. I live right near there and I am begging please change that name. Maybe curbed can hold a contest for best new name? How about 'Biergarten'?"

THE FUTURE OF SURF LODGE: "The judge will not allow the new operators to open the doors. The new operators will then go after the people who sold them the business. Citzens of Montauk are not against a bar. There has been a bar in that location for 50 years. What they are against is people "from away" coming into town and treating the town like a whore."

SPRING HAS SPRUNG: "Clam Bar rules! I'll be one of their first customers today. There is no better outdoor seafood restaurant in the Hamptons, love the vibe, really love the food."

SPECULATE ALL YOU LIKE: "The piece in the middle will never be sold as long as the owner is alive. I am not going to identify the owner, but she has no reason to sell, loves the property and is exceptionally wealthy. You can speculate all you like, but the owner in the middle didn't buy the other houses and isn't selling hers."

AGREE TO DISAGREE: "Not surprised it has seen choppage, more to come I bet. It's all sorts of something but certainly not gorgeous. So tired of dark (black?) floors, white furniture, beige walls and that soupcon of pale blue. This house was probably 'up to the minute' style but thankfully that minute has passed."