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Two Years After Arson, 62 Osborne Lane Is Almost Rebuilt

Curbed readers might recall the story of mentally unwell man ("I remember stopping and thinking about burning the house down but I thought better of it and just kept walking...") setting fire to a home on Osbourne Lane in East Hampton in May of 2010. Christopher S. Ward's actions led to three firefighters sustaining injuries, $360K worth of damage and a prison sentence of three to six years.

Well, it's been almost two years since the fire and work on the new house is nearing completion. While the homeowners worry what will happen at the end of Ward's prison term, they're "certainly happy to almost have all this behind [them]!" No date has been announced for when the house will once again be ready for occupancy, but from the looks of things, it shouldn't be too much longer.

And for those that might be interested, here's video of the fire-damaged home's demolition prior to the current construction:

· Osbourne Lane House [Facebook]