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Big Reveal: How Much To Rent This Bridgehampton Five-Bedroom?

Location: Poxabogue Pond Road, Bridgehampton
Rental Price: $99,000 (MD - LD)

Almost as soon as we hit "publish" on this week's pricespotter contestant, we knew that the interiors would become the focus of the conversation. Curbed readers, true to their critical selves, did not disappoint. While one attempted to soften the blow ("[it's] not the nicest house") other commenters just weren't havin' it: "Ewww, the interiors are gross" and "[T]he inside is awful".

As for the "asking price" part of our little guessing game, readers did pretty well this go around. The last few weeks have seen some wild overestimates, but we had a couple guesses that were in the neighborhood for this installment. One of 'em was only off by a measly $4K: "Anyone who pays more than $95K for the summer is not getting the best value out there."

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