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An East Hampton Contemporary Gets Its First Chop

It looks like "Houses As Sagaponac" aren't the only moderns to require a pretty hefty chop to drum up some interest. Curbed readers might remember this residence because of the "modern-day moat" and its inclusion in our map of modern architecture late last year. Unfortunately, the home's appearance this time around is due to $700K pricechop?its first in the almost year and a half it's been on the market. The ask on the 6500 sq. ft. residence is now a still-hefty $3.995M.

Those interested in seeing the place in the flesh (or in the glass, rather), you're in luck. There's an open house tomorrow from 1pm - 3pm. If you do decide to stop by, feel free to send us your impressions of the place with an Email to We'll be ever so grateful.

· Listing: 33 Old Orchard Lane [Corcoran]