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Sylvester Schneider Spills A Few Details On Zum Schneider MTK

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In the few short days since we learned about Zum Schneider MTK, it's quickly become one of the most anticipated restaurant openings for the upcoming season. Even with the lack of specifics, Curbed readers seemed barely able to contain their excitement at the thought of good food and even better beer. Based upon the phone call we had with Sylvester Schneider earlier today, the enthusiasm seems completely warranted. Here are a few of the more pertinent details from our conversation.

· The restaurant will remain open year round. It won't be seven days in the offseason, but he does plan on keeping the place open in the winter months. "I hate when people come out here, make their money and leave," he told us. · There is no set opening date as of yet. They just got the keys and began construction a few days ago. He'd love to be able to open in the middle of May, but renovations and staffing issues might make that impossible. It'll be open Memorial Day Weekend at the latest.

· The beer menu will be very similar to the one from the city, but there will be a few more wines available. Also, since they'll have a full liquor license, expect to see some bavarian cocktails as well. Choice quote: "I'd like people to try good Bavarian beer so we'll be happily giving people tasters of things. We will try to talk them out the Coors Light and Budweiser."

· He realizes that he'll have to "play into the party crowd on Friday and Saturday night", but wants to make sure families feel welcome. Sundays should be very similar to what goes on in the East Village location, meaning brunch.

· He "want[s] to represent [Bavarian] culture out here" so expect to see a German staff (provided he can find one) and a few appearances from Zum Schneider Hausband Mösl Franzi and the Ja Ja Jas.

Hopefully, that's answered some of the immediate questions everyone may have about the place. We'll let you know if and when we learning anything else. · All previous Zum Schneider MTK coverage [Curbed Hamptons]

Zum Schneider MTK

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