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Renovated Victorian In Southampton Gets Its First Pricechop

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If, after looking through the listing photos for this six-bedroom in Southampton, you're left with the impression that somebody living there is involved with design of some sort you'd be right. In fact, the pair that owns this place are both involved in a creative field. Quinn Pofahl is vice president of creative presentation at Ralph Lauren while his partner, Joanna Bobrowicz, founded Lennegan & Marantz, a Southampton showroom specializing in handmade English upholstery, antiques, vintage home furnishings. So, yeah, it looks like they're pretty good at their jobs. The place is all sorts of gorgeous.

Even so, they've yet to find a buyer for the 4500 sq. ft. renovation sitting on about half an acre. After listing the home last September for $3.995M, the couple met the pricechopper for the first time this week. The ask now? A still-respectable $3.695M?roughly $2M more than they paid back in 2009. No mention of whether or not the furnishings are included, but we imagine they'd be willing to consider that option.

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