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Nantucket vs. The Hamptons

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There's a ridiculous conversation on UrbanBaby (aren't they all?) right now talking about the differences between The Hamptons and Nantucket. Like everything on that site, it's basically turned into a giant pissing match (with a few thoughtful replies mixed in) between people with waaaay too much time on their hands: "No celebrities or global glitterati fabulous people go to Nantucket. Stick with Hampton sweetie." · "who the freak cares about 'glitterati' really?" · "Martha's Vineyard is way more fun if you like Jews and Dems." · "ewwwww. would never be caught dead in nantucket. it's the poor person's hamptons" · "Oh, my God. You people are insufferable." If you need a good reason to feel better about your station in life, it's worth checking out this morning. [UrbanBaby]