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Amagansett's Got Itself A New "Most Expensive" Listing*

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It only took about five weeks, but Amagansett's most recent "priciest listing" has already lost its crown?and by no small margin. With a pricetag of $24.9M, the ask on this century-old European Villa bests our former champion by more than $10M. So what makes this place so special?

Designed in 1915 by William Bottomley (known mostly for his Virginia residences?eight of which are on the National Register of Historic Places), the six-bedroom underwent a renovation in 2009 that "combined contemporary elements with the original details" of the 6000 sq. ft. home. It's set on 4 south-of-the-highway acres that include "lush green lawns, orchards, Lily pond, immaculate gardens, tennis court and pool with pool house." At this price, it may be surprising to learn that it's not oceanfront. However, it does include private access to the Atlantic.

Update: An eagle-eyed reader identified this as the E.E. Bartlett residence. You can learn more about it here and here.

· Listing: Further Lane East Hampton [Sotheby's]

* There's a little confusion over whether or not this is in East Hampton or Amagansett. The listing and Bing both say "East Hampton", but Google and StreetEasy say AMG. We're going with the latter. Feel free to correct us if we're completely off base on that.