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Another Saltbox In Springs Joins The Under 500K Club

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Add another saltbox in Springs to our ever-growing stable of Under $500K homes in the area. The asking price on this one? $490K.

Now, if you've seen one of these homes, you've basically seen them all, with very few exceptions. They may vary slightly, but for the most part, there's very little to differentiate them from each other. The only reason this one jumped out was because of its open .4 acre parcel and the condition of the home (judging by the listing photos it looks to be in decent shape). Other than that, it's your basic three-bedroom, open floor plan, 1700 sq. ft. model that you could throw a rock and hit around these parts.

Seeing as how very few of this type of home have been selling lately (there really does seem to be glut in this area), the price will most likely need to come down otherwise it's going to sit. Anyone want to take a guess as to what figure might drum up some interest in the place?

· Listing: Space and Light In East Hampton [Devlin McNiff Halstead Property]