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Big Reveal: How Much To Rent 2007's Hampton Designer Showhouse?

Location: 536 Ocean Road, Bridgehampton (south of the highway)
Rental Price: $475,000 (MD - LD)

Curbed readers didn't seem to think that this home's status as a one-time designer showhouse translated to an almost $500K ask for a summerlong rental. One guess came in a full $175K below the magic number, while another?noting the seven bedroom's south-of-the-highway locale?thought that "at LEAST 400" would be required to draw up a lease.

One commenter, eschewing our little guessing game altogether, offered this: "Here is one rare situation where a renter would be better than the owner. I had the 'privilege' of living next to a Gavalas-owned and occupied house (probably because he couldn't rent it) one summer. What a nightmare. Let's just say they are not readers." Sounds like the Gavalas clan would get along famously with the Clampets.

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