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Just How Hot Is The Hamptons Rental Market? Week 2

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Last Friday, we mentioned we'd be keeping track of rental inventory until Memorial Day weekend in an effort to gauge whether or not the Hamptons market is as hot as most brokers (and anecdotal evidence) suggest. Now, we know this method is flawed?listings are often duplicated, not everyone uses one of the big agencies, there's a lag time between when a lease is signed and when websites are updated (just to name a few issues)?but we're hoping this exercise will provide a general idea as to what's in store for the upcoming season. If it helps, consider this as nothing more than a snapshot of the summer rental inventory.

So, without further ado...

*The dramatic increase in the number of properties listed on Town & Country's website is most likely due to a user error. Same goes for the missing data from Devlin McNiff. Meaning: We probably noted the wrong number last week.