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Reader Comments

Curbed readers were their usual insightful, opinionated and (sometimes) overly critical selves during the last full week of winter. Here are some of their more memorable thoughts from the previous seven days:

WALLPAPER BAD. WHOLE HOUSE MUST GO.: "I actually though the rusticness and spartan feeling was very charming......until I saw the Gawd-awful WALLPAPER. What are these, ducks and phesants flying around in that pattern? And the fern wallpaper in the bathroom, WTF. Tear it down."

WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!: "Another terrible renovation mucking up an otherwise spectacular house. Consistency is key, and this house lacks it. Too many competing themes. I don't even know where to start. Some of the trim is squared off, some is rounded. Nothing relates to anything else in the house... Each room seems to be designed in a vacuum."

THE HOUSES AT SAGAPONAC THE EH AIRPORT: "OMG - great house, horrible location. I cannot imagine the hell of a summer by the pool at the end of the runway."

GIVE IT A FEW MONTHS: "I think you can hold off until May and then start offering 25% less than what they're asking. People would rather rent for less than not at all."

GET TO THE PRICECHOPPER!: "Yes the house is about 1m over valued given its small lots size and lack of garage or outer building. The rest of the street has more significant homes going for a 30% less."