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A $1.2M Three-Bedroom Does Not A "Starter Home" Make

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We have to take issue with the listing agent involved with this place for thinking it could ever be called a "great starter home". This is a starter home. This is a starter home. This is a starter home. Under no circumstances can a $1.2M three-bedroom set on 2 acres in Southampton (well, North Sea) that includes a pool house with its own bathroom and living space ever be considered a starter home. Could this be thought of as a nice location to "build your dream house"? Sure. "Less expensive and easier for first-time home buyers to acquire"? No possible way.

Speaking of which (segue!), our first-time homebuyer-centric "Rookie Week" kicks off next Monday and we're still accepting entries for our horror story contest. So, if you've got one you think could win the whole shebang (and $2500), send it our way.

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