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$900K In Bridgehampton: A Completely Renovated 3-Bedroom

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

Where: 84 Huntington Crossway
Price: $900,000
Bedrooms/Baths/Sq. Ft.: 3/2/2400
Acreage: .5
Sale Date: February 17, 2012
The Skinny: The last time we covered this listing we said it was "priced right" at $935K and were basically pelted with rotten vegetables: "RIGHT PRICE?!? According to who?" "Pass" "Chop off $300K and I'd think about it and would really have to think! It's in the middle of a slum!" Well, about five months after that initial public shaming, we're happy to report that it ended up selling for only $35K less than the ask. We'd love to say "told you so", but the Curbed commenters did make an excellent point. While the house is certainly easy on the eyes, the location isn't exactly the greatest. We wouldn't go as far as to call it "unsavory" or "next door to drug dealers" like a couple of readers did, but we do think that there are better options out there. Still, Kathryn Huberty was able to unload the place in less than six months. It's just too bad she ended up taking a loss?she shelled out $975K for the home back in 2008.

· Listing: 84 Huntington Crossway [Corcoran]