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Big Reveal: How Much To Rent Shelter Island's "Bumblebee Manor"?

Location: 10 Lari Lane, Shelter Island
Rental Price: $275,000 (MD - LD)

Another week, another Pricespotter where the majority of Curbed readers overestimated the ask by a surprisingly large amount. Guesses were off by at least $100K and in one case over $550K. In that last particular instance the reader attempted to apply a little math to the situation: "Probable cost to build this is about $1500x16,000sq.ft. or about $24,000,000 ...summer rent would be about 3.5% or $840,000." Nice to see some logic at work, even if it led our reader astray by quite a bit.

And it wouldn't be Curbed Hamptons if a reader didn't disregard the game altogether and comment on the decor: "Thought it might be charming.....but it turned out to be an over fluffed over stuffed faux confection of indulgence. Horrors."

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