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A One-Bedroom In The Village Of Sag Harbor For $595K

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We're inclined to agree with this home's listing agent when he says, "[T]here is nothing like this available in the village [of Sag Harbor]." This is easily one of the more interesting properties to hit the market lately. It's a one-bedroom, 561 sq. ft. house that has "the convenience of a condo without the monthly charges" (per the brokerbabble). We're assuming this "convenience" refers to the minimum of upkeep (there's only .04 acres, so no lawn to tend to), it's location ("less than 600 feet from the shops in town"), and the fact it's got off street parking. Not exactly a family home, but as a pied-à-terre? It could definitely work. The interiors need some love (save for the recently renovated bathroom), but this has the makings of great little weekend crash pad.

· 44 Jefferson St - Sag Harbor Village [Prudential Douglas Elliman]