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Just How Hot Is The Hamptons Rental Market? Week 4

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It's the fourth week in our efforts to keep tabs on the rental market out here and things seem to be falling into place. Everyone's inventories are steadily shrinking (though at vastly different rates) as the season draws ever and ever closer. The big movers this time around were Corcoran and Saunders?both companies saw a drop of more than 4.5% in the number of Memorial Day - Labor Day listings on their sites.

Since it's starting to look like there's no danger of missing out on finding a place this summer, a thread on StreetEasy brings up a great question: When do you think prices will become more negotiable?

Disclaimer: Since the data we're working with isn't perfect—listings are often duplicated, not everyone uses an agency, there's a lag time between when a lease is signed and when websites are updated, (just to name a few issues)—this is meant to give a general idea of what's going on with the rental market.