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Another One Of The "Houses At Sagaponac" Finds A Buyer

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Readers might recall that this Annabelle Selldorf-designed four-bedroom was one of the first of the Houses At Sagaponack to sell after Nick Riley and his wife Sole Marittimi shelled out $2.45M for the place back in 2006. Roughly five years later they put it back on the market. A little over a year after doing so, it's entered into contract. All it took was a substantial price chop?this February, the ask was lowered from $3.5M to $2.99M.

This soon-to-be-sale represents the third House At Sagaponac to change hands in recent memory. And, much like those other deals, it needed a rather dramatic drop in price for it to happen. So...anyone care to venture a guess as to how far below the last listed ask we can expect the final sale price to be?

· Listing: 22 Forest Crossing [Prudential Douglas Elliman]