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The Montauket Chops Its Price To $15.995M

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After more than a year and a half with no buyer, the long-time owners of The Montauket have decided to switch things up a little bit. First, the compound is no longer listed with Martha Greene. Instead Chris Coleman of Saunders is representing the hotel/cottages/restaurant/bar (whew!) in its efforts to find a buyer. Second, a little more than $1.5M has been shaved off the original $17.5M asking price. Will this new price inspire a deal? Who knows? We're just happy it's inspired us to read some of the less-than-glowing reviews of the place?always a fun time:

"I didn't want to touch anything in the room once I walked in. The bed was gross, with a mattress from the 50s. The shower worked, but had no curtain. the towels were washed, but still had many brown stains on them. I ended up leaving before it got dark and paying 4x more for the last hotel room I could find in montauk. I didnt feel like it would be safe to spend the night." "There nothing else to say than the place is a complete dive. Terrible old beds, nasty linens, filthy showers and rundown period. 1960 rooms in 2010. "

"The hotel overlooks the ocean, and the views were very good, but all the window screens were broken, and it was difficult to open/close the blinds without them falling off. I would not recommend anybody stay here except as an absolute last resort. Cheap, but not worth it."

Looks like if and when sometime does decide to buy the place, they've got their work cut out for them. · Listing: Montauket Hotel, Restaurant, Cottages [Saunders]


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