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2 Years Later, Southampton's 90 Pierpont Street Finds A Buyer

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This four-bedroom first hit the market with an ask of $8M more than two years ago in January of 2010. After chopping the price five times (more than $2M worth), the home finally entered contract this week. We're sure the owners would have liked to avoid discounting the price so much, but considering they paid $3.4M for the place in 2003 (right before the bubble started expanding), they're still going to come away from the sale with a nice chunk of change.

As for the house itself, well, look at it...not exactly the prettiest, although is could just be the interiors that are throwing us off. However, its location (about a half mile to the beach) and acreage (1.4) make up for whatever aesthetic shortcomings it may have.

Since it looks like the sellers were interested in actually, ya know, selling, we have a feeling they agreed to something less than the last listed price of $5.95M. Anyone care to venture a guess as to what that is?

Listing: 90 Pierpont Street [Prudential]