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$2.3M In North Sea: A Five-Bedroom House On 1.26 Acres

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Where: 14 Southampton Hills Ct, Southampton
Price: $2,307,800
Bedrooms/Baths/Sq. Ft.: 5/6/5600
Acreage: 1.26
Sale Date: January 17, 2012
The Skinny: Other than the wood-paneled library, there's really nothing interesting about this house. It's a run-of-the-mill summer home that is lost in a sea of similarly-priced, similarly-styled Hamptons residences. Nice kitchen? Check. White walls and wood flooring? Check. Gunite pool? Check. Bo-ring. However, it begins to stand out when looking at the recent sales history. It was last purchased by Lauren Puglisi And Guy Petcho in May of 2011 for $2.3M. Five short months later, the couple put the house back on the market for $2.795M. Then, about three months after that, it ended up changing hands for $2,307,800. Basically, the pair broke even and got a free summer rental out of it. Don't know if that was their intention all along, but they should consider themselves lucky they were able to avoid an extended search for a buyer.

· Listing: 14 Southampton Hills Ct. [Prudential Douglas Elliman]