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Tear It Down And Build Anew Or Renovate In Sagaponack?

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This $1.75M pondfront offering on Old Farm Road in Sagaponack presents potential buyers with what's commonly known as a "good problem". They can choose to either renovate the existing three-bedroom or raze it and use the proposed plans to build a new 3,800 sq. ft. residence. No matter what, they'll be getting a one acre property with a sweet location: right next to Poxaboque Park with frontage on Poxbogue Pond.

Although we'd like to see a renovation, this might be too far gone for that to make sense. The current structure needs more than just a little TLC to bring it up to par?looks like a gut job both inside and out. Do you think what's there is worth saving or can we expect a new gambrel-styled home if/when the property does find a buyer?

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