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Reader Comments

It seemed like Curbed readers wanted to make sure they got it all in before losing that hour on Sunday. And, for the most part, they were successful in sharing their particular brand of insight with the world. Here's a quick rundown of the more memorable comments from last week. Enjoy!

THERE'S A REASON WHY NO ONE'S BUYING: "Some good fit and finish, but a poor layout, with a lower quality second appartment "guest wing" and some poorly thought out decisions, including havng an indoor pool (rather than an outdoor pool), but making it too small, having the ceilings on the basement level so low that the level really can't be used for living space, having virtually all the house on one floor (a glorified ranch), being off a really narrow, rural street, with tree branches tearing at the cars as they wind up to the drveway,not great location, etc."

ANOTHER BIG SALE: "My guess is $25.5. It's a bit of a lowball, but really, it's all about the magnificent property & location which is worth just about that. The 15 year old house is not going to be everyone's cup of tea (especially the pool - just don't get the glass thing around it) And these photos do not contain even one shot of the kitchen. Hmmm."

VEGETARIANS ARE PEOPLE TOO!: "Finally - a restauranteur who actually acknowledges that vegans/vegetarians exist and they actually eat in restaurants! Maybe I will actually try eating out for a change this summer- at Muse! Other restaurants take note!"

THOSE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES: "I've toured that house. The actual plot of land is quite small and awkward, but the view is nice. The basement is strangely also completely unfinished, and the layout isn't the creates. My main problem with the place was all the glass, most of which wasn't covered by any sort of curtains or solar shades, and much of which was oriented so that it would be impossible to put up solar shades. That house is a total greenhouse...."

KEEP CHOPPING: "property is .8 acre the house is placed poorly with too much wasted frontage and a cramped backyard. Property is on mecox but on the first leg of mecox which is considerably closer to the highway than to the beach..i'd consider purchasing this property for south of 4MM$"