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A "One Of A Kind" 7-Bed In North Haven That's Anything But

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The details and design of this 8000 sq. ft. traditional are so close to that of another home in North Haven that we had to double check to make sure it wasn't the same listing. Both homes share a remarkably similar backyard (in both view and pool area). They're close in size (this one's 8000 sq. ft. while the other comes in at 9000), in number of bedrooms (seven vs. six) and fireplaces (both have four). They're even priced the same: $12.5M.

You can understand then why we may have chuckled at the listing's assertion that this property is, "Truly one of a kind." There's certainly enough to differentiate the two?this one offers no turret, less acreage and is further south than our Gambrel-Porn Of The Year Winner for 2011?but calling it "one of a kind" is stretching that phrase's meaning to the breaking point. Thoughts?

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