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The Price On This East Hampton Cottage Keeps Going Up

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We were a little confused as to why, after almost a year and a half on the market, the ask on this East Hampton Village four bedroom keeps going up. However, a quick comparison of the photos available on StreetEasy and the ones on Prudential Douglas Elliman's site would lead us to believe that the 1600 sq. ft. home has had a little work done. It seems like the kitchen (which is looking pretty nice) and the living room have been completely renovated. A little odd that the brokerbabble wouldn't mention this, but we don't put anything past a listing that includes the line, "Sprinkle some fairy dust on this cute Mid 20th Century four bedroom cape cod to magically transform it."

We've reached out to the listing agent to get the scoop on the place?which we actually kinda like?and to see if he can explain the rather odd pricing. We'll update if/when he responds.

· Listing: 21 Talmage Lane [Prudential Douglas Elliman]