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Too Much Money And Terrible Taste? This 8-Bed Is For You!

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For those looking to spend a little longer than two weeks living inside proof that the adage "money doesn't buy taste" is 100% accurate, we humbly suggest The Resort at Mill Creek.

Curbed readers will be familiar with the eight-bedroom abomination as it's made an appearance or two on this blog before. As expected, the reception wasn't what we'd consider all that kind. One commenter thought it dripped with conspicuous consumption that would make Bernie Madoff proud while another thought "the location is garbage". Looking through the listing and its photos, it's hard not to agree. Not only is the place too close to 27 for comfort, but it feels like the only amenities missing are caged albino tigers and a pair of peacocks roaming the grounds.

And just what is the owner hoping to get for the summer season? A cool $395K. Throw in another $100K and you can have the place for a full year. Hooray!

Of note: There's a five-car oversized garage, so those with a collection of Hummers...your search is over.

· Listing: The Resort At Mill Creek [My Hamptons Homes]