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Readers Weigh In On The Hamptons Rental Situation

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Ever since The Rose Hill Estate got busted for its illegal rental operation, Curbed commenters have been in a relative tizzy over the short-term rental market. Everyone seems to have a different take on the matter, the only common thread being that something really needs to be done.

Some commenters are not very happy about it the situation at all and we doubt they ever will be:

"How did this one stay under the radar for so long? Friends in high places (code enforcement?) Fines that keep getting paid does not make it go away. All of the evidence is right there in front of the town's face, what more do they need to move on and sort this matter out! It's not a "luxury hotel" and never will be. It's an illegal share house. Period."However, not everyone seems to have a problem with the temporary rental market. In fact, one commenter argued that it's a necessary part of the East End's economy:"so it's Hamptons Classic Week and all 10,000 people attending and staff can stay at either the Sag Har Bor Inn or Barrons Cove. Now com[e] on folks. We have events to attract thousands and WE have hotels rooms for 300. I bet if you add up all the hotel rooms in Bridgahmpton and Sag Harbor you might get 300. Where is everyone supposed to stay. So Lets Cancel All the Benefits, Polo , Hamptons classic etc. because thousands of people who attend and all rent homes short term!!!!"We understand how aggravating it can be (we live across the street from a sometime-summer share house), but we like the idea one commenter put forth:"This is never going away (short term rentals, renting without permit, etc) as much as some people want it to...It's time to change the perspective, make it legal and charge a hefty fee for rental permits under 30/31 days. This would benefit the community at least in a monetary way."Is charging a hefty fee for short-term rentals the solution? Or should code-enforcement beef up its ranks and crack down on the illegal market? Feel free to let us know in the comments?just please, try to remain respectful. We know how y'all can get sometimes.