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East Hampton's 89 Lily Pond Lane Has Found A Buyer

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It looks like having a terrible website isn't necessarily a hinderance to selling a place after all. The Real Deal is reporting that 89 Lily Pond Lane has gone into contract. The news comes just days after another incredibly expensive Hamptons property found a buyer. While Curbed readers questioned the $38M pricetag attached to "Beechwood" ("'s not even on the water or have a view? Someone's a sucka!") they might be more inclined to give this sale a pass. While not on the water, it does have its own private beach access?a rarity, even for many of the homes along Lily Pond Lane.

The broker (Ami Schulman, daughter of the owner) is keeping tight-lipped on the price and the buyer?only saying it would have made the top ten for 2011's biggest sales and he or she is not in finance and is "a well-known person in certain interests." So...the purchase price is more than $20M, but less than the ask of $25M. Got it. More importantly, who is this mystery buyer? If any of our in-the-know readers want to spill the beans, feel free to shoot us an Email at It'll be our little secret.

· Historic Hamptons home with $25M asking price goes into contract [The Real Deal]
· Listing: 89 Lily Pond Lane