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Kelly Bensimon's EH House Is Already A Full Third Cheaper

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[Photo credit: Prudential Douglas Elliman]

Less than a month after putting her Further Lane estate on the market for $12M, Kelly Bensimon (who will always have "Real Housewife" associated with her name) has chopped the price by a full third.

Why such a quick cut? Our theory is that she was always planning to list the house at $8M and just wanted the stories written about it to have the larger number attached. Most publications (save for this here blog) won't bother to write another thing about this home until it changes hands. The $12M number will remain in the public's consciousness lending Ms. Bensimon some much-needed Rich Housewife cach&eacute?she hasn't been getting the attention she's used to since the show went off the air. Or, she could have just come to her senses and realized the original ask was completely unrealistic. Truth be told, she's still going to have a hard time getting $8M.

For those interested in snooping around the house for themselves, there's an open house tomorrow between noon and 2pm. If you happen to make it out to the showing, please do tell us all about it.

Listing: 125 Further Lane [Prudential Douglas Elliman]