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Water Mill Estate Busted For Renting Without A Permit

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We've checked out this ten bedroom estate on Rose Hill Road in Water Mill a handful of times before. First, we paid a few visits during its construction. Then, we noted that it was the recipient of an inexplicable $3M priceup in October of 2011. Finally, we used it for the "Renters Week" edition of our Pricespotter feature. However, what we failed to realize is that the owner, out-of-town builder Michael D'Alessio, was using it as a transitional rental. Southampton Town Enforcement were paying attention, though. On Sunday, they served Mr. D'Alessio as well as a pair of people working a party (we're assuming it was for the Superbowl) with an assortment of appearance tickets for violations ranging from change of use to not having a rental permit.

The move comes hot in the heels (no pun intended) of a fire that completely destroyed another well-known Water Mill transitional rental. While that particular "party house" flew a little more under-the-radar, this one went so far as to have not only a website, but a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Seeing as how they recently tweeted that the "summer is filling up quickly", who wants to bet that the owner simply pays the fines and it'll be business as usual until Code Enforcement takes more drastic action?

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