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It was another busy week for the little corner of the Curbed Network covering the South Fork of Long Island. Between The Ronjo finding a buyer, the owners of Surf Lodge continuing their quest to alienate as many people as possible and Amagansett's stalled Beach Plum Court development, there was much to discuss. Here's just a brief sampling of the more memorable comments:

A WELCOME CHANGE IN MONTAUK, WITH ONE CAVEAT: "Yes ronjo needed a fix up, and new owners are probably necessary to do that. That said, if every new hotel/restaurant is turned into a homoginzed version of the same thing (see, Surf Lodge, Sole East, etc) then the draw for people to stay there wont be as great."

WILL WE EVER GET A TRADER JOE'S?: "Is life out here supposed to be only about windmills, duck ponds and chowder shacks? I do not think it would be gentrifying to open a Shake Shack or a Whole Foods out here, if it's what people want and if these establishments help the local economy with jobs, tax revenue etc. then what is the harm! For years and years I have driven past the old Stern's just sitting there empty, and it makes me sad for the whole town thinking of what it could be."

LIKE A TERRIBLE NEIGHBOR, SURF LODGE IS THERE: "Judge Cahill - you go girl! (snap of finger!) These guys are going to have to face the music like any other violator. Except they have 686 excuses to come up with. The stall tactics - over! Wouldn't be surprised if the entire Montauk CAC shows up in mob force for this hearing bearing torches!"

HORRIFIC'S A BIT MUCH, NO?: "Doesn't look horrific to me at all. Beautiful workmanship and a fun beach house. Exactly what it is mean't to be, a house in the dunes. Don't cry over what you can't have"

EASY ENOUGH TO FIX: "This house has good lines but, as is so often the case, the "updates" are what make it look dated... The medium toned wood kitchen... the traditional doric columned mantle... the overstuffed slip-covered furniture... the wood paneled gym... If the owners just stuck with classic contemporary in furnishings and updates... this place would be timeless."