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After 2.5 Years And 3 Chops, A Georgica Estate Finds A Buyer

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The last time we took a look at this designer-owned six bedroom, it was to discuss rather substantial pricechop. Since then, the home saw its ask dropped another $500K, but more found a buyer!

Owned by a "a successful duo in the world of interior design", the 6,500 sq. ft. residence's two and a half year-long sales story finally came to an end after the price hit $4.2M in September. While we're still waiting on a final sales number, we wouldn't be surprised if it dipped below the $4M threshold. It's looks like a great home, but as the NY Observer wrote: "[It's a] decorating challenge for any potential buyer...whoever pays the price after seeing the current decor is also making a statement about their confidence in their own aesthetic." Unless the furnishings were included, the owner-to-be certainly has their work cut out for them if them.

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