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The MTK Cafe Has Hit The Market With An Ask Of $1.5M

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After seven years of serving up their Montauk version of diner fare (and a much-loved Friday night "lobsterfest") the husband and wife team behind MTK Cafe are looking to slow down. Even though, according to listing agent Helen Stubbmann, 2011 was the "best year in the seven that [they've] been there", operating a successful restaurant takes its toll. Between running the front of the house and taking care of the office work, we can't blame co-owner Diane Katsipis for wanting a break.

Since opening, the 99-seat eatery has built up a great deal of good will amongst the food-eating public. The Yelp reviews are generally positive, touting the cafe's low key atmosphere, attentive service and solid menu (not to mention ping ping table). So, unless a new owner wanted to change things dramatically, they'd be starting with a pretty solid foundation to build upon?always a nice position to be in.

A glance at their Facebook page shows that they're "looking forward to seeing everyone again on St. Patrick's Day," so they haven't boarded up the windows just yet. Much like another recent listing in Montauk, it'll be business as usual next season unless a buyer is found.

· Listing: 779 Montauk Highway [Listing]