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A Closer Look At Amagansett's #7 Beach Plum Court

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[Photo credit: Prudential Douglas Elliman]

Yesterday, when we wrote about the sale of one of Amagansett's more expensive (several years ago, anyway) properties, a Curbed reader familiar with the Beach Plum Court development implored us to check out its next door neighbor: "[T]ake a look (Please!) at the triangle house. All the rooms are angled and horrific." Well, since they asked nicely...

Other than not being able to find a buyer, the story behind this five-bedroom is remarkably similar to that of #5 Beach Plum Court. When it first entered the market back in 2009 with a $9M pricetag, it was one of Amagansett's most expensive properties. Between then and now, the home has seen its price chopped by almost a third and is now asking $6.3M?still pricey, but far removed from the top 10 in the 11930. And, much like its big brother, the home boasts high-details throughout: custom millwork and cabinetry, solid mahogany windows and doors, and chlorine-free heated pool and spa.

Looking through the listing photos, we can see why the reader dubbed the rooms "horrific". While we wouldn't go that far (the design actually reminds us of Norman Jaffe's work from the mid to late 70s), they are a bit much, especially those bathrooms.

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. We're sure you've got a few.

· Listing: 7 Beach Plum Court [Prudential Douglas Elliman]