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The Building That Houses Sag Harbor's Sen Remains For Sale

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It's been almost two years since Tora Matsuoka and Jeff Resnick put the building that houses their Japanese food restaurant Sen on the market. After purchasing 23 Main Street in 2007 for an even $2M they've been hoping to find a buyer at $3.495M since July of 2010. With no pricechops on the books, we're led to believe they're in no real hurry to sell.

And just what does almost $3.5M get you on Sag Harbor's Main Street?

"[The] first floor features 2,000 square feet, a full kitchen, sushi bar, professional bar, lounge, 2 baths, patio and an occupancy level of over 60 people. The second floor features 3 ensuite apartments, two of which have their own private rooftop deck with views of the marina, bay and Main Street. Additional amenities include a full dry basement and 6 full parking spots"Even if they do find a buyer for the building, they have no intention of selling the restaurant business. In fact, not only are they opening a satellite restaurant in NYC , but they're currently pursuing an expansion of the Sag Harbor location. Listing: 23 Main Street - Sag Harbor Village [Prudential Douglas Elliman]


23 Main Street, Sag Harbour, New York 631 725 1774 Visit Website