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Joe Farrell Looking To Add More Amenities To His "Sandcastle"?

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If the not-too-pleased letter we received earlier today is accurate, Joe Farrell is seeking permission to build both a horse barn and riding facility at 612 Halsey Lane. If approved, the "Sandcastle" would include the following amenities (this is just a partial list, mind you):

  • 10-seat theatre w/ interactive seats
  • Skateboard half pipe
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Squash and racket ball court
  • 2-lane bowling alley
  • Full bar and disco
  • Underground garage with hydraulic lift
  • Sunken tennis court
  • A baseball field
  • Joe Farrell the Neighborhood Bully

    While its becoming commonly known that Joe Farrell can build at breakneck
    speed and has a formula that has made him ubiquitous in the Hamptons, his own
    home that is named ‘Camp Farrell’ at 612 Halsey Lane, Bridgehampton and being
    marketed for sale has managed to push the limits of his neighbors tolerance in his
    quest to add to his arsenal of amenities. His house which has been reduced several
    times from $59M down to $43.5M would now like to include a horse barn and riding
    facility to its offering. The problem is he has already used the slated Ag Reserve
    as his back yard by installing full irrigation, a baseball diamond, a half-pipe, a
    playground for children’s parties with bouncy castles galore, and his small children race their ATVs at the drop of nice weather?..all in violation according to Town Code. At a public hearing that was well attended along with the offended neighbors, he is not only applying for a special exception permit for the barn but is also asking that the deeded access to the Reserve be moved (even though mandated by the Planning Board previously to run and stay where it is now) to now run along the
    fence line of these 4 angry neighbors whose properties would be adversely affected
    by such a request.

    Perhaps the handshake deal he made with the buyer he built the house for right
    next to him (that would run next to original access road) included a promise that he
    could persuade the powers that be in Town Hall to move it, so he wouldn’t have to deal with the farm vehicles?? Who knows? There certainly is some fishy business
    that is justifying his wish for these dirty noisy vehicles to instead now run in front of
    his own home and impact his 4 neighbors?. not only their view, but their peace and quiet and also the value of their property.

    It is not even clear why he thinks he is within his rights to apply for the horse barn
    and riding facility since 10 acres is the minimum requirement and he only has 8.6.
    Nonetheless, he must be getting used to getting what he wants even if it comes at
    a price to the neighbors own quiet, peace and enjoyment. It also appears he has
    applied blatant bully tactics to get what he even has today based on the neighbors
    comments during the hearing and that his ‘faux Shangri-la’ as his property was referred to, is feeling more 2007 than 2012. As long has he is finding buyers for his cookie-cutter clones that has most locals yawning, it seems assumed he is hands-off and in the pockets of everyone he can influence.

    It will be interesting to see how long he can keep this up and get away with it?.or
    can he? There is a 30 day comment period and then the Planning Board will decide
    the fate of his request.


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