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Designer's Own 5-Bedroom In Water Mill Looking For $2.675M

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Since the brokerbabble makes no mention of whether or not the furnishings or artwork can be purchased, it feels a little strange that so many close ups of them are included in the listing photos. It's all nice stuff to be sure, but we're not quite certain that featuring it all so prominently is absolutely necessary. It seems like it would be more important to see the entire dining room, not just the dining room table (as attractively staged as it may be).

That small complaint aside, we kinda like what the owner?William Holloway?did with the place after paying $995K for it back in 2005. Other than just looking great, the home offers a full chef's kitchen, dining room, living room and a library with 2-sided fireplace. There's multi-level decking out back and yes, the gunite pool is present and accounted for on the 1 acre property?this particular one measures 50 feet in length.

After first putting the place on the market for $2.7M back in August, the listing was briefly pulled this month only to return $25K lighter. We're not sure if the less-than-1% chop will do much, but it can't hurt.

Listing: Bridgehampton Designer's Home [Saunders]