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Before returning to our regularly scheduled programming involving all things real estate related?east of the Shinnecock canal, of course?here's a quick look back at the week that was. Enjoy!

LOVE THE BEACH HOUSE, NOT MUCH ELSE: "A lot of focus on the beachfront guest cottage and not much on the main house. Get the town to condemn the main house, tear it down. Keep the beach house and sell the land as a flag lot. I suppose a reverse flag lot??"

YOU HAVE DEEMED THIS "NOT HIDEOUS": "Overall the place has an original quirky charm. It is nice to see something on the East End that isn't covered in shingles and capped with gambrel roofs. Having said that the kitchen is truly awful and the rest of the interiors could be toned down a bit. As for the exterior, a new paint job with fewer stripes would be helpful."

COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT: "The only reason to use a LLC to shield identity. period. I have done same for numerous clients. nothing wrong with it."

YOU LIKE SOMETHING, YOU REALLY LIKE SOMETHING!: "I love that house, but it just refuses to sell! It's great architecturally (if you like that sort of thing) and in a quiet spot. I think the main drawback is that it has now proved itself very difficult to sell, so if a buyer ever wanted to put it back on the market, they'd have a long wait ahead of them. It's also small, and probably needs another price chop. "

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: "#2 wont rent. That beach is INSANELY busy in the summer. Family friends have a place maybe ten up the beach and you still get tons of people tanning RIGHT in front of your house. Heres a nice photo to illustrate my point, and its not even on a sunny day."