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10th Annual Hamptons Restaurant Week: The List So Far

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Q: When does a week last 8 days?

A: When it's Hamptons Restaurant Week.*

Returning for its tenth year, HRW is right around the corner. The festivities begin on Sunday, March 18th and continue for eight crazy nights of $19.95 and $24.95 prix fixes at area restaurants. Here's just a partial list of those participating so far (this number is expected to grow in the coming weeks):

· Gulf Coast Kitchen at the Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina
· Gurney's Sea Grille Restaurant

· Fresno
· Nick & Toni's
· The 1770 House
· The Living Room

· Il Capuccino

· Vine Street Cafe

· Almond Restaurant & Bar
· Bobby Van's

· little|red
· red|bar brasserie
· Shippy's Pumpernickel East Restaurant
· Southampton Publick House
· The Coast Grill
· Tuscan House

Ensuring this is more than just an excuse to eat and drink, Hamptons Restaurant Week has partnered with Maureen's Haven, a local organization that seeks to address the issue of homelessness. Participating chefs will serve a three-course meal to homeless guests and volunteers on Monday, March 5. Additionally, the campaign is donating $10 to Maureen’s Haven for each new fan of the Hamptons Restaurant Week Facebook page (up to $2,495).

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*Not that we're complaining. Hell, they could make "Restaurant Week" last all year and we wouldn't say peep.