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Just How Hot Is The Hamptons Rental Market?

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By now, you've most likely come across one of the breathless articles talking about how THIS YEAR IS THE BEST YEAR EVER FOR SUMMER RENTALS IN THE HAMPTONS ZOMG!11!! Since there's really no data (other than anecdotal evidence from brokers?not exactly the most reliable of sources when it comes to this), we thought it might be interesting to take a look at how much inventory is left. We visited a handful of Hamptons real estate sites and searched for rentals available from Memorial Day through Labor in all price ranges. Here's what we turned up:

Brown Harris Stevens: 1535
Corcoran: 1802
Devlin McNiff: 905
Prudential Douglas Elliman: 2109
Saunders: 1178
Sotheby's: 863 492

Town & Country: 1452It looks like there's still a decent amount still out there. To be fair, though, this doesn't tell us how much has already been taken. Hopefully, it will end up giving us a better idea of whether or not the market is as hot as everyone quoted says/thinks it is?we'll be updating these numbers every Friday from now until the start of the season. It's definitely not an exact science, but it should provide a reasonable estimation of the state of things. Anyone care to offer any predictions as to what we'll find?