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East Hampton's 112 Georgica Close Road Finds A Buyer

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After hitting the market in October of 2011 with an ask of $5.9M attached, all it took for this French country stucco Farmhouse to find a buyer was last month's healthy pricechop of $700K. Well, that and maybe the Noel Jeffery interiors, six bedrooms, high-end kitchen, 70 foot pool and almost two acres of property on Georgica Pond. And let's not forget that balcony! Which, according to the brokerbabble, offers "a true Romeo and Juliet sensibility."

A sale price is still a little ways off, but the speed at which the pricechop occurred would lead us to believe the seller was/is motivated. We wouldn't be surprised to learn that they've agreed to something under $5M. We'll make sure to let you know as soon as we hear. As always, your guesses for the final purchase price are most welcome in the comments.

· Listing: On Georgica Pond [Saunders]