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Nothing Says "Classy" Like A Hamptons-Based Reality Show

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A little casting announcement from the "prestigious* NYC production company" Elephant Eye Films just landed in our inbox so we thought we'd share. Now, we didn't think it possible to assemble a more detestable group than that of The Jersey Shore, but it looks like that's the goal here. Read it and weep (for humanity):

A prestigious NYC production company is planning to shoot a reality TV show about The Hamptons this summer. We are partnering with a major television network to bring the fun, drama, and ups and down of summer in the Hamptons to a national audience. We are assembling a diverse group of people who are from the area or who will be spending the summer in The Hamptons.

Do you like to have fun, enjoy the limelight, have goals that they are trying to obtain ( like starting a business or engaging in a new job, winning a surf competition) , enjoy surfing and the beach, like to party, know the scene, are new to the scene, have boyfriend/ girlfriend problems, work hard to be able to afford a great lifestyle, don’t work at all because Daddy pays for everything, or just simply has a lot of charisma and wants a shot at being on TV? Then be in touch!

This is NOT Jersey Shore. It’s classier, smarter. It’s The Hamptons, after all. Age range 21- 30.

If you're interested in trying out, send an Email with a resume and picture (but of course) to Also, if you're interested in trying out you need to take a long, hard look at your life.