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Facing Several Violations, The Rose Hill Estate Drops Its Price

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It looks like the violations that The Rose Hill Estate owner Michael D'Alessio recently received have him eager to offload the 10-bedroom Water Mill property. Roughly two weeks after Southampton Town Enforcement showed up and put the kibosh on his "concierge hotel", Mr. D'Alessio has chopped the price almost $3M.

Curbed readers might recall the "interesting" pricing history on the place as it was called "the most house on the most property SOH under $10 million" by its former listing agent before the ask jumped $3M in October of 2011. It was on the market for $12.995M until Tuesday. The pricetag is now back (barely) below the $10M mark...$9,999,999.

Sadly (for Mr. D'Alessio), making up for the the bad juju now associated with this property is going to require more than a superficial chop. It doesn't take a great deal of Internet search prowess to learn just how much of a shit show this house has become.

· Listing: 76 Rose Hill Road [Prudential Douglas Elliman]