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Three Jaffe Oceanfronts Battle It Out For Rental Supremacy

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Since we're deep in rental season right now, we thought it might be interesting to see which one of the Norman Jaffes available for rent Curbed readers preferred. Other than their oceanfront, Meadow Lane locations, the only thing they seem to have in common is the man responsible for their design.

Listing: 1880 Meadow Lane [Sotheby's]
Rent: $900K (year round)
Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Sq. Ft.: 7/7.5/6500 The Roslin House offers 360 degree views of the Atlantic and Mecox Bay, 200 feet of ocean frontage and amenities like a "sunken living room, dining room, bar, gunite pool with spa and sunken tennis court." Of note: Miles Jaffe (Norman's son) considers this "without a doubt the worst house Norman ever designed." Still, it is a Jaffe.

Listing: 210 Meadow Lane [Sotheby's]
Rent: $600K (MD - LD)
Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Sq. Ft.: 7/6.5/8500
Located right next to the Cooper's Beach parking lot is our second entry into this Norman Jaffe deathmatch. The priciest exclusively summer rental, the home was renovated in 2007 and includes seven bedrooms, a state-of-the-art media room, an oceanside gunite pool and a tennis court. Some might find the parking-lot-adjacent location a little off-putting?especially non-dog people (according to one commenter: They "run wild like banshees all up & down the beach" after 6pm in the summer)?but we think there's a certain caché in it.

Listing: 2150 Meadow Lane [Saunders]
Rent: $400K (MD - LD)
Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Sq. Ft.: 5/5/5400 This particular Jaffee makes up for its smaller square footage by offering a privacy that only comes with being the westernmost property on ultra exclusive Meadow Lane. Involved in a bit of a legal imbroglio in 2010, the home is back in the summer rental market with a $400K (throw in another $150K for the full year) pricetag.

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