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Live Amongst The Rich In Southampton Village For $375K

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It's been a little while since we've featured a more modestly priced listing so we thought this two-bedroom cottage might be worth a look. Set on .15 north-of-the-highway* acres about two miles from Southampton's Main Street, the 900 sq. ft. residence is one of the cheaper properties we've covered on Curbed Hamptons.

However, what makes it really stand out are the neighbors. While the vast majority of homes in the bastion of Under $500K properties known as The Springs are generally priced in the same ballpark as the ones nearby, the same cannot be said here. Looking at Google Maps, it becomes apparent that almost every residence on the block dwarfs this one in price, square footage and acreage (some even have tennis courts). This could potentially make this place a hard sell...who wants to be reminded that everyone on their street (most likely absent for all but the summer) makes substantially more money? The current owner might have better luck selling to one of their next door neighbors...who could then level the place and add it to their own property. Thoughts?

· Listing: 65 Bailey Road [Corcoran]

*The brokerbabble calls this "south of the highway". Nope.