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Here's The Trailer For LI Architecture Doc "Modern Tide"

Anyone with any sort of interest in architecture on the East End of Long Island (meaning: the majority of Curbed Hamptons readers), should watch the above trailer with heightened interest.

A while ago, we mentioned that director Jake Gorst had raised money for a documentary about noted (and recently deceased) modernist Andrew Geller. However, it looks like that project has expanded (we're not complaining) to include a whole host of Long Island starchitects and designers:

"Albert Frey, Wallace Harrison, Herbert Beckhard, Frank Lloyd Wright, Horace Gifford, Edward Durrell Stone, Marcel Breuer, Andrew Geller, Philip Johnson, John Hejduk, Charles Gwathmey, Barbara and Julian Neski and others".
Now called, "Modern Tide: Midcentury Architecture on Long Island", the film takes a look at the history of modern architecture on Long Island and what's become of it. Judging by the trailer (Sample talking-head quote: "Our failure to preserve a lot of the houses in Long Island I think is a tragedy."), it's slowly being removed from the landscape and "subtracted from the cultural legacy." We'll have to withhold judgement until seeing the finished product, but this trailer's got our attention. Thoughts?

Update: The film's director wrote in to offer a small clarification:

"We are still working on the Andrew Geller film, by the way. "Modern Tide" was a production for Design Onscreen - a Denver-based production company that I have now done 4 films for. The other three are about Southern California architecture.

While the film is about the history of several Long Island architects and designers, there is a strong theme about the loss of many important midcentury structures - and the circumstances that allowed it to happen..."

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