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The Surf Lodge, Continued...

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Jamie Mulholland and Robert McKinley, the men behind Montauk's Surf Lodge, have had their recusal request for the judge overseeing the 686 violations they racked up last summer denied. The duo's defense attorney argued that East Hampton Town Justice Catherine A. Cahill "had a bias toward his clients and had ex-parte conversations with prosecutors." In her decision, Ms. Cahill wrote that having an opinion does not constitute bias unless a "deep-seated antagonism" is shown and ex-parte conversations aren't grounds for recusal if they don't involve disputed issues or trial strategy. She then snapped her fingers, turned and walked away. Seems like Mr. Mulholland and McKinley are running out stalling options. Maybe they should give Puffy a call?he's probably got a few lawyers that could help. [Previously, Patch]

Surf Lodge

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