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Chef Bryan Futerman On The Importance Of Sustainability

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The Sag Harbor Express just published a great interview with Bryan Futerman, the chef/owner of Foody's in Water Mill (as well as the educational coordinator for Slow Food East End). In it, he talks about being part of Michelle Obama's "Chef to Schools" initiative, his role in the Springs Seedlings Project and a host of other topics he's passionate about.

We've gathered a few of our favorite bits below, but the whole thing is really worth checking out.

"...while I make pizza in my restaurant it is not considered a vegetable on my plate as it is under these new standards." "We have a very strong local food industry on the East End and we support our local farmers, which is important for those farms to be preserved."

"To integrate the healthy food we grow into the students' diets is an important step in any edible schoolyard"

"We offer a lot of fresh vegetables and don't freeze anything in our restaurant except for the ice cream. Everything is fresh off the farm."

· Bryan Futerman, Chef & Owner of Foody’s in Water Mill [Sag Harbor Express]